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    production line
    Location:Homeproduction lineBlister- Pillow type – Cartoning –Three Dimension Machine Production LinePillow-type-Cartoning- Three Dimension machine Production Line
    Pillow-type Packing Machine-Hige Speed Cartoning Machine Automatic Production Line

    Patent No:ZL 2015 2 0529500.4

    The pillow-type packing machine-high-speed cartoning packing machine combined production line, is a professional in large quantities, high speed production lines, after packaging products packed by the pillow-type packing machine then through double channel conveyor servo feeding mechanism, connection of high-speed cartoning packing machine to achieve high speed line automatic packaging production line. Can solve the high-speed Alu-PVC packing machine and even two sets of front and back pillow charter production line, front and back mode of operation, convenient production This production line is applicable to medicine, foods, cosmetics and other moisture-proof packaging and carton packaging, achieve moisture, light, dust, improve production efficiency and product the qualified rate, reduce labor intensity and production cost, ( available on the aluminum-plastic packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machines and other equipment connected matching) The machine in accordance with the GMP requirements.




    Technical Data


    Pillow-type packing

    Production Capacity

    30-120 Bags/min (Depending on packing materials)

    Packing Size

    L60-150mm, W30-110mm, H5-30mm (Designed accoding to users' requirements)

    Machine dimension

    3500×640×1600mm (L×W×H)

    Machine weight


    Working pressure


    Air consumption


    Power supply

    220V/380V 50HZ

    Motor power




    Encasing speed

    80-200 boxes/min

    Quality requirement

    250-350g/m2 (according to its dimensions to confirm)

    Dimension range (L×W×H)

    (70-200)* (50-120) * (14-70)mm

    Quality requirement


    Unfolded leaflet specification

    (80-260)mm* (90-190)mm

    Folded leaflet specification

    1-4 (Fold)

    Machine dimension


    Machine weight



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